As You Like It – 2012

“Pippa Meekings shines, playing a feisty and fun gender-swapping Rosalind against Tyler Coombes’ love-struck Orlando”

The Stage, May 2012 by Susie Wild

“Outstanding was Pippa Meekings as a most convincing boy/girl Rosalind”

The Citizen, June 2012 by Donald Hollins

“Pippa Meekings as Rosalind was outstanding- her emotional range was quite remarkable; as Ganymede she could buckle a swash with any principal boy and her voice was as clear as a bell”

Remote Goat, July 2012 by Avril Silk

Jack and the Beanstalk - 2011

“The cast is a roll call of some of the best talent around. Pippa Meekings is not just a good fairy, she’s an astounding one, with a voice that could shatter a thousand champagne glasses with its clarity”

Berrow’s Journal, December 2011 by John Phillpott

The Importance of Being Earnest – 2010

“Pippa Meekings, notably more assured year on year and 100 % expressive with eyes, gesture, voice and bearing, stands out”

Lancashire Evening Post, June 2010 by Julian Wilde

“Claire Tucker, as a deceptively simpering Cecily and Pippa Meekings, as a haughty Gwendolen, complete with her “vibrations”, who portray a delightfully spicy conflict of interests.”

The Stage, June 2010 by Milke Martin

A Christmas Carol - 2009

“Indeed, one might say that never in the field of comic theatre have so many been played by so few. Queen of this genre is Pippa Meekings who, taking many stations in-between, moved effortlessly between Fred, Scrooge’s nephew and every bit the young dandy about town, and the homely Mrs Cratchit, all bosomy and flowing locks, serving Christmas mini-Pudding to all the Cratchits, including little waving Tiny Tim.”

'BAH HUMBUG' - 'A Christmas Carol' Market Theatre Cowbridge, 22 December 2009 written by Fennie Somerville

The Taming of the Shrew - 2009

“Most of the performers play dual roles, but the action is slick and well timed. Pippa Meekings can portray an alluring Bianca as well as a streetwise lad, a guise in which she carries off a tongue-twisting, rapid-fire monologue.”

The Stage - Published Friday 12 June 2009 by Mike Martin

“Pippa Meekings is adept at every type of physical comedy and the play’s demands for constant disguises and changes of costume and voice suits her skills admirably.”

King Edward and Queen Mary School, Lytham Published 16th June 2009 by Julian Wilde

“Special mention should be made of Pippa Meekings’ performances in her dual roles as Bianca and Biondello - and her willingness to get soaked. No rain, but plenty of water.”

Hereford Times - Wednesday 22nd July 2009

“Pippa Meekings in her fourth appearance at Walford Mill is flirty and impish as Bianca and barely recognisable in her second part as the mischievous young servant Biondello.”

Stour and Avon Magazine., Marilyn Barber, Walford Mill, Wimborne - Sept 4th 2009

The Winter’s Tale - 2008

“Pippa Meekings, and Nicholas Karpenko are impressively versatile”

Julian Wilde @ The Blackpool Gazette - Versatile actors bring the bard to life 2008

“Pippa Meekings convincingly portrayed a playful Mamillius and a graceful Perdita”

Babington Meadow Arena, Penallt – 25 August 2008

Twelfth Night - 2007

“The Lady Olivia performed by an effervescent, engaging Pippa Meekings”

Blackpool Gazette by Di Prutton (June 20th 2007)

A Midsummer Nights Dream - 2006

“Pippa Meekings makes an impressive entrance as a towering Puck who jumps down from Oberon’s shoulders to become a smaller mischievous sprite”

The Stage - Review Wed 14 June 2006 - Julie Watterston

“Pippa Meekings provided a livewire and beautifully-spoken Puck”

Toby Stirling - Blackpool Gazette - King Edward and Queen Mary School, Lytham St Annes.